Planetary drought problems are advancing relentlessly, with their losses and tragedies and colossal waste. Countering desertification at source, is beyond conventional, orthodox capabilities, which are essentially limited to mitigating the consequences of drought and managing water resources. As a crisis scenario unfolds worldwide, every promising new approach to increasing and targeting rainfall should be tried, and judged exclusively by RESULTS.

E.R.E. is a Singapore corporation formed specifically for the commercial implementation of airborne etheric rain engineering. My personal experience with this environmentally pure technical development exceeds 13 years. Association with Trevor James Constable has involved me personally in rain engineering operations, not only in a business capacity, but also as a hands-on operator who has actually engineered rain himself. Practical experience like this is a great convincer.

Nevertheless, when Trevor reported to me the dramatic results of his first airborne use of this technology in Hawaii in 1994, I was highly skeptical. Prodded by him later, my personal evaluation flights in Malaysia proved what an important breakthrough he had made. Being forced down by unforecast violent weather, which appeared out of nowhere, was chastening and convincing. When it happened repeatedly, all doubt was erased.

Certain basic questions often arise from clients concerning these revolutionary methods. Advent of airborne operations triggered still more questions as our capabilities became enlarged. Typical questions were therefore assembled into a written format, primarily for potential clients, but of value as well to a wider audience.

Trevor's answers to these commonly asked questions are backed by 33 years of operational and developmental experience. Technical matters are the prime focus, but highly complex and profound politico-social problems attend the introduction of this new technology and the control of basic natural forces. That aspect is touched on in this presentation.

George K. C. Wuu

Questions that follow are typical of those asked me in airborne etheric rain engineering operations
Trevor James Constable
Weather Engineering Consultant

QUESTION: America has recently experienced severe droughts, notably in the past year in Texas, and in 2001 in Florida and Washington state. Why has airborne etheric rain engineering not been used to terminate these droughts?

TJC: First, ERE of Singapore does not actually SOLICIT business anywhere in the world. Those in need must come to us. I will explain that in due course. Secondly, ERE of Singapore would probably not undertake commercial rain operations anywhere in the USA, because of prohibitive damage liability exposure. Liability litigation is completely out of hand in America. This is tragic. Florida's drought, for example, is within a climatic regime where results with AEREO are virtually surefire. Getting results there is not the problem. The real problem is that if ERE were to wipe out a drought that is costing millions daily, American lawyers would not be content with that sweeping public benefit. Essentially bogus lawsuits would be contrived and filed, perhaps many of them, claiming that the company had “hurt” the filers. Lists of alleged damage would be compiled for the courts to wade through. The decent Singapore gentlemen who have backed AEREO would be shunted on to a typical legal treadmill, their good works paralyzed by specious legal action. The litigious character of our culture ensures this will occur, unless a state or federal government would assume all liability. That is not going to happen.

QUESTION: You said that ERE of Singapore does not actually solicit business anywhere in the world. Why is that? How will you become established?

TJC: If business of this all-new character is solicited, a client immediately demands a “demonstration.” This is a normal business reaction, in dealing with conventional processes and principles. AEREO is not just radically new, but something much more. AEREO excites emotional opposition because of its unorthodox rooting. If confidentiality could be fully protected by a government, there would be little difficulty. In the real world, security evaporates rapidly. Minor government officials and bureaucrats promptly leak the project to their cronies in the media. An opposing firestorm then erupts. Scientists, out-of-power politicians, academicians, pundits, media clones and entrepreneurs profiting from the drought, unite to denounce -- in advance -- our rain engineering operations.

With the certainty of sunrise, the media can be relied on to act abominably, and to poison the regional public with lies, distortions, ridicule and apocryphal opinions from scientists who still think that there is no ether. We are abused with no fair forum for response. We anchor everything to results. Yet bigoted, ignorant editors deliberately instruct their reporters to trash us. This has been our real world experience. That is why we now require that any government or ruler invite our presence. This changes the socio-political climate completely.

QUESTION: Can such an invitational approach ever lead to a contract?

TJC: Not so far. Disaster conditions have not yet become sufficiently severe, anywhere we are known, for a government or ruler to just ask that we come and discuss tackling their problems. People who have government clout, or the ears of potentates, are likely to hew to conventional views, which “include the ether out,” to paraphrase Sam Goldwyn. Someday it will happen, and that political leader will become a world historical figure for pioneering the commercial use of airborne etheric rain engineering operations. That will be truly a “giant step for mankind.”

QUESTION: Why is ERE reluctant to provide “demonstrations” of AEREO?

TJC: The politico-social aspect of demonstrations is damaging to harmonious working and sound relations with governments and leaders. Nobody wants to be a newspaperman's doormat. Much more daunting however, is the technical aspect of demonstrations. Real danger exists that a demonstration will destroy your own market for AEREO. This stems from the etheric nature of equatorial droughts.

QUESTION: How do you explain that, to a person new to such concepts as ether?

TJC:  The atmosphere normally, in equatorial regions like Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, is strongly cyclic, or oscillatory. Daily passage of the ether in and out of the earth, characterized by the great Goethe as the earth's “breathing,” is balanced and healthy. From the Cosmos the earth thus gets the etheric pulse of life, and all is harmonious. Rains come in season. Then comes industrial development, typically as in Malaysia. Thousands of trees vital to the hydrological cycle are cut down. Vast acreages of foliage and jungle are flattened. Asphalt is extensively laid. Factories appear in huge industrial parks. All manner of human commerce that is based upon etherically expansive activity, disrupts primordial harmonies and rhythms. What can now readily happen is that the flowing oscillations that are essential to seasonal rains, will be shunted around such areas of lowered etheric potential, which will drain into the higher potential, normal etheric flows, diverting them. A self-reinforcing, self-sustaining drought is thereby created. This is like stopping the pendulum of a grandfather clock, interrupting its normal functioning.

QUESTION: How does this relate to demonstrating rain engineering in such areas?

TJC: An aeroplane or helicopter fitted with a P-gun is able to administer a wide-ranging shock to the regional etheric continuum. This is something like stretching a vast, ultra-subtle guitar string, which is then released. The gossamer elastic etheric continuum is everywhere, penetrating everything. If this stretch-and-release technique is correctly executed, the process can “unlatch” the impeded etheric continuum around the droughted area. Normal etheric cycling tends to resume. Copious rain can ensue. Once the process is understood, and you have seen it happen in the real world, you become wary of “demonstrating” something that can possibly terminate a drought. A successful demonstration could also terminate any possibility of your getting a contract! Stimulated etheric flows can run on long after all stimuli are removed. ERE's corporate video on AEREO describes and demonstrates the process in a far more comprehensible way than any set-piece demo ever could. Clients should have the simple gumption to sign a contract on the strength of that, combined with the decades-long, objective history of this new, scientifically-based art. The first leader who signs up will become a world hero.

QUESTION: Does the engineering process succeed every time, and if not, why not?

TJC: No. Outright, mechanical repeatability is not in the format up to this time. Several short flights may be necessary to establish the correct thrust direction for the required etheric recoil effect to manifest. A delay also usually follows a correct thrust, something common to the stimulation of biological systems. We call this the I.B.D., or Inherent Bioenergetic Delay. In the case of a pinprick to your finger, the I.B.D. is very short. In a stimulus to the etheric continuum, the I.B.D. may be 12 to 18 hours, depending on many factors not yet well understood. This kind of continuum “lag” -- with which I became abundantly familiar in shipboard operations -- is another reason to avoid mechanical-type demonstrations. In such formats, everyone waits with baited breath for it to rain as soon as the aircraft takes off, and there is an emotional letdown when it does not happen.

QUESTION: Does a prompt response ever happen?

TJC: Yes, it does, and this would seduce the unwary and inexperienced to anticipate such action every time. In Hawaii, I once saw the pilot of our aeroplane take off directly to the east with a P-gun, and trigger off a local shower about a minute after he got airborne. He was right “on tune.” That is unusual, however, and the I.B.D. has its way in a later response to a stimulatory thrust.

QUESTION: Approximately how long are these rain engineering flights?

TJC: Usually less than 20 minutes, once on the crucial heading, and very often much less. A prolonged flight does not get you more rain -- quite the contrary. The tendency of the aeroplane P-gun is to lose or “slip” its connection to the continuum if the aircraft goes too far, or too fast. The correct process is like operating a very subtle catapult. The energy build-up from the stretch-and-compression of the ether, attracts physical moisture. When the “catapult” lets go, rain ensues -- often prolonged.

QUESTION: What seems to be an ideal speed at this stage of the technology?

TJC: Substantially under 100 mph, which makes a stable, slow-flying aeroplane right for the job. Better yet is a helicopter, the speed of which can be eased up gradually from the hover. Using a helicopter in Malaysia, results seemed to maximize around 50-60 mph, which is easy on both the helo and the pilot. I have experimented with a biplane capable of over 200 mph, in Hawaii, and this proved that such higher speeds are not effective in this work at this stage.

QUESTION: You are confining commercial AEREO at present to equatorial countries. Why is this, and why do you not extend your commercial availability to the temperate zones of the world?

TJC: The reasons for this present confinement to equatoria are quite clear-cut. The concentration or density of etheric energy in equatorial regions is much greater than in the temperate zones of the world. The rapidity of response, and the magnitude of effects are also greater. The certainty of results is far higher, and virtually surefire if one does not have to produce mechanical, instant, push-button results. Rain is far easier to induce in equatoria than elsewhere, and virtually all life activity in equatoria is more intense than elsewhere. So, until AEREO becomes established, accepted and used by governments, ERE will stay where the risks of operational failure are minimal, and the probability of success very high.

QUESTION: Does this preclude ever using AEREO in temperate zones of the world?

TJC: Not at all. Provings of the basic technology in the maritime mobile format are comprehensive. From shipboard use along the Pacific coast of the U.S, as well as on the high seas, there is no doubt whatever that the techniques are effective in temperate regions. Miles of time-lapse video confirm this. Limited resources however, have not permitted us to explore actual airborne operations in the temperate zones. Thus, we lack the same certainty of results that tropical airborne operations have provided for us. Until that research is accomplished, we will confine ourselves to tropical work. There are plenty of droughts equatorially, worldwide, and always have been.

QUESTION: What significant differences are there between temperate and tropical zone rain engineering operations?

TJC: The most important difference is that the main etheric flows in equatoria run from east to west. In the temperate zones, the main etheric flow action is~ from west to east. A north to south terrestrial flow of ether also runs in the northern hemisphere winter, and this flow reverses in the summer. There are large differences in temperate zone etheric density and response times, vis-à-vis equatoria. Some exploratory etheric rain engineering flight operations, similar to those conducted in Hawaii and SE Asia, are required in the temperate zones as precursors to any commercial work. This will be done someday soon. Certain operational principles valid in mobile maritime work in the temperate zones, may need modification in the airborne mode. Some important verifications are necessary, so to speak, before making ERE available to temperate zone contracts. There are people in high places who do not want this technology successful. We cannot afford to overlook anything that could be used to discredit engineering work utilizing etheric force. The principles involved are far-reaching.

QUESTION: Why would any “people in high places” not want such technologies as AEREO to succeed?

TJC: All learned realists, especially those whose real world experience is buttressed by esoteric knowledge, know of the earth's oligarchic powers. Their continued existence and wealth depend upon CONTROL in key areas. The oligarchs are probably a couple of tiers above mere officials like the president of the United States. Their satellite scientists in the defense establishment secretly know -- through Tesla's discoveries -- that there is such a thing as etheric force. They also know that through etheric force, technologically applied, more energy and power to do the world's work is available than Man can ever use. This power is eternally available and inexhaustible. Nikola Tesla showed how it could be transduced into human service, and freely broadcast all over the world without wires. Tesla was not permitted to give this liberating power to mankind, as he wished. Blowing up his New York laboratory when they thought he was in it, was the least of many outrages engineered by the oligarchs against this prolific, generous genius. With Tesla sequestered, the oligarchs went ahead and saddled civilization with wired electricity, putting themselves financially astride every kilowatt of it ever consumed. Except that now, the end of this stupendous, but irrational racket is in sight.

QUESTION: How do you see that?

TJC: The cost of extending wired power and its gross, cumbrous technology to the entire world, would require more capital than exists on earth. This is stimulating an urgent search for an alternative way, outside the control of the oligarchs. The only worldly threat to these powerful men is the technological use of etheric force. Such a development would wrest from them their control of the world's energy, politicians and people. Etheric technology, transcends and nullifies selfish, greedy and stupid travesties of common sense such as wired electricity, and the countless millions of gasoline engines that now dangerously burden the biosphere. Etheric technology in basic motive power is coming, oligarchs notwithstanding, and etheric rain engineering is only a little zephyr amid the rising winds of change.

QUESTION: Is AEREO a sort of beginning for etheric technology?

TJC: AEREO makes absolutely clear, in the hard world of objective, physical results, that there is an ether, and that the ether can be accessed technically through the correct geometry. There is no technical device on this earth that is simpler than a P-gun. A man with no education -- me -- has found this out. A Manhattan Project, focusing the efforts of enlightened scientists to the goal of etherically-derived power, would rapidly develop the technology to supplant wired electric power, petroleum fuel, and all the pollutant consequences --environmental, political and financial. That's the wider AEREO scene.

QUESTION: How do you know that additional etheric currents flow seasonally north to south, and south to north as you have outlined? Is this just theory?

TJC: At one time it was theory. You will find the basics of planet earth's ether economy laid out in a classic book dating from 1927. That is Dr. Gunther Wachsmueth's “Etheric Formative Forces in the Cosmos, Earth and Man.” The relevant diagramatic presentations are there, based upon the exact clairvoyant perceptions of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. The formal tendency is to dismiss all this as occult gobbledegook, a view that until fairly recently was partly justified. Once Dr. Wilhelm Reich devised physical equipment with which we could enter the etheric continuum however, and subject it to appropriate manipulation, we could objectify the resultant effects. These objective effects conclusively proved the existence of these flows.

QUESTION: How was this objectification achieved?

TJC: Simple resonant tubes on shipboard could be used to dam up locally, the flow of etheric force coming out of the north toward the south in the winter months of the northern hemisphere. Damming up the flow causes a local rise in etheric potential at the damming point, and atmospheric water vapor rushes to that point as though drawn by magnetic action. Now, if there were no ether flow as Dr. Steiner described, absolutely nothing would happen in response to moving empty tubes around. What actually happened, objectively and repeatably, was that in fair weather, a rain nimbus could actually be made to appear on the horizon right on the magnetic north vector. This accretion could be made to appear from nothing, fairly in the center of a video frame aligned on magnetic north. By maintaining the alignment, the accretion could be further densified until regional rain appeared, “out of nothing.” This rain mass would come right over the ship, drenching the porthole glass. The visible scenario videotaped in front of the ship was totally transformed in under an hour. The entire process was recorded on time lapse video, and could be reviewed a hundred times over if desired. Such sequences were engineered many times, and made the existence of this seasonal flow utterly irrefutable. The same apparatus and procedures in the summer months, verified unerringly that the summer flow came out of the south and could be similarly interdicted and “brewed up,” the term we have used for this type of operation. Dr. Steiner's etheric blueprint was thus verified in the real world a long time ago, in its essentials, and undergirded literally thousands of mobile maritime rain operations. By the Grace of God, I was a professional aboard a large, modern and fast ship on the high seas -- working in pristine conditions. I was therefore able to make these objective findings. In turn, and when I devised suitable airborne equipment, all the fundamentals proved valid in the airborne mode -- only much more powerful that way in their application and results.

QUESTION: What does it cost a client to engage the services of E.R.E., and how are contracts usually handled?

TJC: Each client is in a particular place in the world. That place has its own special character in terms of climate and weather. The client's difficulties tend also to be specific to him. Each client is differently placed economically, and most political leaders initiating rain engineering contracts, have to contend with their political opposition, who will usually attack the leader's doings without a care for the public's sufferings. The price charged to the client in each contract normally has to factor in all these elements, and others, to reach a feasible price. Mr. George Wuu, ERE's chairman and chief executive officer, normally does not consider any contract under one million dollars. In an age where governments talk in trillions, that is a small amount of money for big benefits. Regional drought can easily cost $10 million a DAY.

QUESTION: What about the handling and contract terms. Can you give a general idea of those factors?

TJC: Standard contracts with ERE are very straightforward, and minimize risk to the client. A territory or “target zone” is specified, and the price of the rain and the contract term are agreed on. A fairly standard example would be $10,000 per millimeter of rain. That seems exorbitant, if you have ever seen one or two millimeters of rain in a gauge. You must remember however, that we are dealing in this type of contract with a TERRITORY, perhaps 100 square miles in extent. One mm of rain over such a terrain is more than 69 million gallons, or 214 acre feet. That is a very reasonable price for water in a droughted environment, but we usually engineer rains of more than 1 millimeter.

QUESTION: How is payment effected under ERE's standard contract?

TJC: The client must deposit with a solid financial institution, and preferably with a recognized international bank, the full amount of the contract, say, one million dollars. This deposit or credit is escrowed, with the conditions of its disbursement to ERE written into the contract. Inspection of rain gauge amounts, and release of any funds accordingly due to ERE, is under the control of the Societe Generale de Surveillance, a long-established and internationally respected Swiss organization. Among their wide range of services to business and governments, SGS includes environmental monitoring. Under this rational system, we must be paid if we deliver rain as per contract. We are not paid if we do not deliver, if we do not deliver within the contracted time, SGS will release the escrowed funds back to the client. Thus the client cannot lose. Similarly, we will not be in the position of engineering rain successfully, whereupon the client decides -- in the absence of such a binding escrow -- that he does not need to pay us now that he has the rain. This has happened, but is precluded under the arrangements described.

QUESTION: Isn't there some risk in tackling rain engineering projects without some trial period or tests in a particular region?

TJC: The standard contract includes a mobilization clause, carrying an upfront fee. Obviously, ERE cannot absorb mobilization costs, sometimes involving extensive air travel and other transport costs, and making this also contingent upon rain results. The mobilization charges also defray any exploratory small operations necessary to establish the feasibility of the contract's main objective. Etheric rain engineering is not like turning on a tap, or using a hose. Each region likely to experience drought will have its own character and quirks. Such small mobilization and exploratory operations are likely to be reassuring to the client if they prove fruitful. Mental hazards connected with the main contract purpose and term, and its novelty, can be dispersed this way. With the information I have given here about contracts and agreements, there can be no doubt that ERE policy is to protect its clients and their interests, and also the ordinary citizens whose lives are being ruined by drought. They are the ones actually funding the ERE contract.

QUESTION: Does ERE require that the client assume damage liability in its territory?

TJC: Yes, that is in the contract. This is not a sticking point or even a matter of discussion with governments, other than in the USA. That there may be damage is simply accepted by most governments as collateral to the regional benefit anticipated. An omelet cannot be made without breaking eggs. Outside the USA furthermore, drainage and flood control facilities are usually far less well developed than in the ordinary American community. The result is that hazards and damage are likely to be much greater working in less-developed areas of the world. This overhangs everything you are seeking to do in developing regions and countries.

QUESTION: Does the vulnerability of ordinary people to flooding in developing countries bother you personally?

TJC: My concern about that is unceasing. Indeed, it justifies having some sort of small, preliminary trial operations prior to the full contract effort. One may find local and regional conditions intractable and not amenable to etheric rain engineering. In that event, you would not pursue a full contract. So also, it may turn out that etheric conditions are labile and easily unbalanced to cause extended rainfall. Great care would be vitally necessary. The security and welfare of the civil populace are always major concerns. Knowing at the same time that the drought is killing those poor people and their children, does not lessen the pressure on a rain engineer. Little of this is comprehended by our critics.

QUESTION: Rain engineering and smog control are obviously different applications. Can you describe the actual differences in these two kinds of etheric engineering operations?

TJC: Rain engineering has developed into a highly mobile, airborne operation --exclusively devoted to engineering rain. Smog control remains essentially a non-rain operation from fixed bases, in or near a smoggy region. Different techniques and different apparatus are used in each case, and the goals are different. The common functioning principle is accessing technically the ether. All of this is unorthodox and unaccepted by formal sources and official authorities.

QUESTION: Can you provide some detail on this, based on actual operations you have carried out successfully?

TJC: The initial development of etheric rain engineering was due to the visionary genius of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Everything proceeded from his inspired invention of the cloudbuster. This device is an array of metal pipes mounted on a turntable platform. This permits the pipes to be placed on any bearing at any desired elevation, and the array can be moved while aimed into the sky -- just like an Oerlikon gun battery. One end of the pipes is grounded into water, usually via a bundle of BX cables. Everything involving the engineering of etheric force down to this day -- including my current single resonant tube device -- is descended from Dr. Reich's cloudbuster invention. He is the grandfather of it all, and one of the greatest men of all time.

QUESTION: Is the cloudbuster still used today?

TJC: Worldwide, many experimenters use the cloudbuster, including some scientists. Such operations in northeast Africa, for example, were highly successful under Dr. James DeMeo, creating vast, regionally beneficial lakes. My work proceeded in a different format, due to my having the unique opportunity to work experimentally aboard ocean-going ships, from 1967 until 1992. This is a radically different activity from fixed-base work ashore. Many developments and insights came about because of the mobility factor and shipboard operations under pristine, high seas conditions.

QUESTION: Did you ever use cloudbusters in combating smog?

TJC: Not deliberately, no. And not in operations pre-filed with the U.S. Government. In my early, shore-based work, using huge arrays of water-grounded pipes and Dr. Reich's basic findings, my team was able many times to clean up the filthy atmosphere of the Los Angeles Basin region. This was achieved adjunctively to rain engineering objectives. Logistical and geographic problems in those days, made sustained operations exclusively for smog clearance purposes intolerably burdensome. Later developments of biogeometric equipment, a legacy of extensive maritime mobile work, were especially suited to smog clearance operations and allowed us to give attention to such activities.

QUESTION: Does this not bring us to the differences between smog clearance operations and rain engineering operations that you started to describe?

TJC: Yes. In order to maintain shipboard experimental work, I was required by shipboard discipline to quit using water grounding, something fundamental to Dr. Reich's original designs. Water from my equipment, cascading down from the flying bridge of SS Maui at all hours, became an intolerable nuisance, and a threat to the privileges granted me. I had been allowed to turn the flying bridge into a traveling laboratory. This was no small privilege, on a huge commercial vessel. I was desperately reluctant to leave the seeming security of Dr. Reich's pioneer formatting of this work, but I had no option. When water grounding was abandoned, our thinking was forced into new, original channels. This revolutionized the art and technique of engineering etheric force in weather work.

QUESTION: How was it possible to operate without any water grounding?

TJC: Geometric forms and structures have a long history of involvement with etheric force, the pyramids being a major example. Chinese philosophy and other cultures abound with such connections. As Westerners, we knew that cones, like pyramids, focused etheric force and emitted that force in a coherent beam from the cone apex. Sensitive people can directly feel this kind of emission. My highly valued associate Lou Matta, then serving as Chief Engineer of SS Maui, is a serious student of Tal Chi and also of sacred geometry. We made the cones with our own hands, and mounted and juxtaposed them in various ways. We built devices that emitted beams of etheric force and thus did not need a water ground. We added the component of rotation, via small electric motors. This proved a winning combination when added to the 23-knot velocity of the ship. The most effective device we used for combating smog -- the Spider -- grew out of this work.

QUESTION: Can you describe a Spider in general terms?

TJC: There are numerous photographs of Spider units in LOOM OF THE FUTURE, a book that overviews my weather engineering work. There are also many versions of the Spider seen in the publicly-released video, ETHERIC WEATHER ENGINEERING ON THE HIGH SEAS, wherein they are actually seen working at sea, engineering rain despite high barometric pressure. The Spider is essentially geometrically correct cones mounted so that they project -- into the sky -- etheric beams from their apices. These cones are rotated with a small motor. With this arrangement, you generate vortexial motion in the ether.

QUESTION: In a smog clearance operation, you would have to operate a Spider from a shoreside fixed base wouldn't you?

TJC: Yes. But you must remember that the ether itself is not stationary, but in constant motion. The old idea of some famous scientists a century ago that the ether is stationary -- before they threw out the ether entirely -- is false and misleading. Therefore, when you operate a Spider from a shore base, it is stirring vortices into an ether that constantly moves through the Spider site and all around it. In this way, VORTEX STRINGS are steadily emitted from a functioning Spider, and these vortex strings travel on over the earth indefinitely -- carried “downstream” from the Spider site. Sometimes they cover hundreds of miles. That is why you have to place your Spiders strategically to clear smog out of a targeted area. You want vortex strings to cross the target area, carried on one of the etheric flow vectors prevailing regionally. To cleanse Los Angeles, therefore, you need to have such Spiders positioned west of the worst smog areas, and in summer you also need to have Spider stations south of the L.A. Basin. This will ensure vortex strings crossing the target area from south to north.

QUESTION: How do you theorize that vortices in an alleged, superfine, unseen “ether” can reduce or combat smog?

TJC: Etheric vortices are of two kinds: implosive and explosive. Conventional technology depends upon explosive forces. This is not only the trillions of explosions of internal combustion engines, but all the resultant, etherically expansive activity essential to electric and electromagnetic technology. The explosive activity is broadband, massive, ever-multiplying and hostile to life and health. Along with the directly polluting particulate matter, the sun exacerbates all this. There is nothing “ordered” about this etherically expansive chaos. It is hot, dry and horrible. Metro smog is one consequence.

QUESTION: Then what can Spiders do about such a situation?

TJC: Spiders emit endless strings of IMPLOSIVE vortices, which are cooling and contractive. They are also harmoniously ORDERED activity, by virtue of the geometry of the cones. That geometry is based on Golden Section ratios, which manifest in everything living. These vortex strings appear to have the same properties in miniature as the great implosive vortices we call typhoons and hurricanes: they entrain material substance and drive it to the point of the vortex. We believe -- with strong objective backing -- that engineered implosive vortices entrain particulate matter that has been boosted into the lower atmosphere by all the explosive activity of civilization, and drive that material substance back to the ground. The clarity of the air in Los Angeles when 14 Spiders are operating, is wonderful to behold.

QUESTION: What about temperature, in a regional smog clearance operation?

TJC: Experience has proved, in operations in L.A. in 1987, 1989 and 1990, that temperatures come down considerably. Smog is drastically reduced, and the delightful quality of the weather during these Spider operations, evokes rhapsodic comment from the media. They think these paradise conditions are acts of God, or blind luck. They would condemn out of hand any suggestion that conditions were being engineered. We have documented our successes not alone with official statistics from the Air Quality Management District, but with contemporary media clips recording dumbfoundment at the unbelievable weather and low smog. In the month of July 1987, for our pioneer smog clearance effort with Spiders in southern California, we had only three primitive units, but they exerted staggering influence on regional conditions, and documented themselves, big time.

QUESTION: Can you explain what you mean by “documented themselves?”

TJC: The California Air Resources Board set up an expensive project that same 1987 July, to investigate smog. The venture cost millions. They imported a host of “smog scientists” from all over the USA and abroad to study smog. Special monitoring bases were manned with these people at more than a dozen sites in southern California. Trouble was, those primitive Spiders were dramatically effective. Smog was so reduced that there wasn't enough of it for any of their studies to have statistical value. Consequently, the project was ABORTED and the scientists were sent home. Nothing like this humiliating debacle had occurred in the history of Los Angeles smog, and the TV cuts we have preserved that describe this fiasco are worth their weight in laughs.

QUESTION: Did you ever hear from the authorities about your activities?

TJC: Never. Never have they deigned to give an inch on such matters. The Air Resources Board and the Air Quality Management District were always evasive in every respect, despite being advised in advance, every time, of our presence in the smog equation, when we filed our pre-operational advices with NOAA.

QUESTION: You've given a word picture here of a smog clearance operation. Can you now describe the contrasting scenario around airborne etheric rain engineering?

TJC: Let's assume a roughly counterpart setting to the smog clearance activity: a large metropolitan region in southeast Asia, suffering from severe drought and crop damage. Water rationing and demoralization harass the metropolitan population.

We are going to use a single, resonant tube of special design and sensitive construction called a “P-gun.” This device utilizes no chemicals, no electronics, batteries or electromagnetic radiation in any form. We place this simple biogeometric device aboard a helicopter -- the ideal aircraft for this task -- take off and head toward magnetic east at about 50-60 knots. There are immediate consequences from the intelligent entry of this device into the etheric continuum. Any cloud banks visible may change rapidly in appearance and density, some may spring little “leaks” while you watch. All around you is evidence of what we call “insertion shock” -- the physically observable impacts and impressions of etheric response and disturbance being translated down into the atmosphere around you. What is required is to press steadily eastward, and gently vary the heading of the helicopter until the “tuning” of your helicopter/P-gun combo interdicts the regional etheric flow coming at you from the east. This etheric flow, of course, is invisible, so you only know that you have “snared” it by what happens objectively around you. Thousands of maritime mobile rain operations have taught me what to look for, and in the airborne mode you really have to keep your wits about you, because of the rapidity with which violent weather can come out of fair sky conditions...with no such activity forecast.

QUESTION: How long do you have to fly in the helicopter or light plane to instigate rain?

TJC: Usually less than 20 minutes “on vector.” In equatoria, short flights on key vectors, as described, are the most effective. If correctly handled, they will push the ether flow back, causing an immense buildup of etheric potential behind this backed up flow. Atmospheric moisture accretes heavily to this etheric build up, and you see this as rain-bearing formations. You should by then have deactivated your P-gun and be racing rapidly back to base. You may not, in such operations, see any immmediate accretions of rainbearing cloud, but your experience may tell you that you have been successful in pushing the ether a LONG way back: like an ultra-subtle compression effect. Rain from such a flight may not come in until hours later, and will probably last for several hours when it does come. I can say on the basis of practical experience that these airborne etheric rain engineering operations present abundant proof of the theories of etheric functioning advanced by Nikola Tesla, Dr. T. Henry Moray, Viktor Schauberger and others who have tapped, practically, the stupendous power latent in the ether. Once you get the ether triggered off in an airborne rain engineering format, it's likely to just keep a-coming. Tesla knew about this etheric property.

QUESTION: Is there a certain amount of ART in etheric rain engineering?

TJC: Of course there is. The acumen required to do it successfully is an artistic faculty. In my case that faculty was developed by thirty years of practice -- just like the talent of a musician is magnified by study and practice. In the future when we know more, we will be ourselves CHANGED BY OUR KNOWLEDGE OF THE ETHERIC. That will change our approach, our outlook, our capacities, our technology, our attitudes and our world conception. Today's world will be looked back on as a junk civilization.

QUESTION: Is there anything else you can say about airborne etheric rain engineering?

TJC: I could say a lot, but what I have given here should suffice to establish the profound difference between rain engineering and smog clearance. ERE of Singapore does not any longer pursue smog clearance contracts, but would probably “throw in” the technology with any government that entered a long term rain contract with ERE. I think that is possible.

QUESTION: Does ERE of Singapore actually prefer long term work to drought breaking?

TJC: Definitely so. The ideal purpose of etheric rain engineering is to ensure that droughts never get started and never become catastrophes. The gentle and intelligent use of airborne etheric rain engineering would keep the whole etheric scenario harmonious and life-positive. Most of today's political leaders allow droughts to ravage their lands and people before taking panic-driven, desperate measures to combat drought. Prophylaxis is the most effective way, the cheapest way, and the most beneficial and constructive way to deal with drought.

QUESTION: Do such “prophylactic” operations against drought usually involve long term work?

TJC: Yes, but I do not see this as continuous engagement. Rather would it likely be occasional operations to offset incipient drought, somewhat in the fashion of a fire brigade. Nevertheless, my long involvement with this new engineering art has convinced me that its greatest and inarguable impact occurs in protracted operations. The statistical base for comparing one season or year with another is much broader than attempting to make a convincing case in, say, a given week. Our greatest single victory was 1990's Operation Clincher, where we operated 6 months
-- the entire smog season -- against the statistical records of all prior seasons, and, in the entire four county Air Quality Management District. Bringing smog down by 24 percent across the board, for the whole season, was a major triumph unobtainable in any other way. More to the point, the operational target of 20 percent reduction was filed with NOAA in advance.

QUESTION: Did you advise the smog authorities of your project and its goals?

TJC: We always did that. The CLINCHER filing had them laughing in the meteorology department, but the last laugh was mine, when seasonal statistics were released. Seasonal smog had been devastated. The lesson is that extended projects can stand out statistically, whereas short, droughtbreaking operations probably will not. Such successes can be verbalized away by evasive officials as something that “would have happened anyway.” Only by such dishonest obfuscation can your documented, pre-filed engineering goal be deprecated and masked.

QUESTION: Has there ever been any commercial approach made to ERE for long term application of this technology to an otherwise unachievable goal?

TJC: The most intriguing proposal for this work I have yet seen, was broached semi-officially from southern Baja California. This is a bone-dry, scorching peninsula off Mexico's west coast, in about the same latitude as Oahu, Hawaii. The general idea was operations over a one year period, to gently initiate the restoration of agricultural areas ruined by chronic drought. With sea on both sides of this peninsula, southern Baja is an ideal place for a comprehensive, objective and irrefutable proving of AEREO. I could readily envision, through such an extended and rational program, a gradual greening of the whole area, which is now parched, barren and sterile. The menaced subterranean water supplies, now being infiltrated with sea water, could be renewed. Verdancy and productivity could be steadily restored. A magnificent venture like this makes mere droughtbreaking seem almost juvenile. I pray for such an engagement to crown my life.

QUESTION: What happened to all this?

TJC: The project is in limbo, as of May 2001, but may be reactivated soon. Some time, somewhere, a visionary leader facing such a crisis will “roll the dice” on this environmentally pure technology. He will thereby bless his people and the planet as well. That leader will also achieve world historical status for himself. Orthodoxy comes out against us, but the incontestable truth is that with drought, Mother Nature laughs at conventional “high tech.” She laughs also at those who are in thralldom to this clay-footed modern god. Mother Nature seems to prefer someone like me -- a guy with no education -- who will listen eagerly to her subtle, living whispers.

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